Meet director Marci Klein 

Marci is a director and member of the Director's Guild of America.  She spent 20 years honing her creative skills working in reality and newsmagazine television on names like, Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment, Extra, Elimidate, Celebrity Boxing, and so many more.   Now she is bringing stories to life for business with video stills and drones.   When she's not producing and directing enterprise videos, she spends time surfing and boating...anything in or around the water in order to keep her creativity fueled.  "Diving into the ocean is like diving into creativity.  The ocean is where I write my client scripts in my head, long before my hands ever reach a computer keyboard. "  

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Klein Creative Pitch

If you want to know what differentiates Klein Creative Media from other production companies, just watch the pitch video.  In addition to making great compelling branded video content for her clients, Marci goes above and beyond.   When drones were only legal to fly with a real pilot license, Marci separated herself by learning to fly a sports plane so she could provide beautiful aerials to her clients.   Although the FAA changed the rules and created an on the ground Part 107, Marci is committed to aviation with her Part 61 sports pilot and renews her license every two years.   Marci is a hands on director.  She understands how to make non-actors feel comfortable in front of the camera.  She has a laid back style, and positive infectious energy that draws you in.  There's plenty of other video production companies, but working with Marci is a unique fun experience that will be as memorable as the deliverables.